Cost Benchmarking

Would you like to improve the competitiveness of your products with regard to cost and technical aspects?
If so, then cost benchmarking is absolutely the right tool for you! Cost benchmarking will allow you to achieve both, value and cost improvements alike.

During the first step cost analyses of comparable products will be established. The respective products may stem from your own product portfolio or from your competitors. Compare structures of component parts and processes by means of quite different criteria, such as …

  • Product (characteristics, functions, quality)
  • Product costs (cost-benchmark model)
  • Manufacturing technologies

By means of cost benchmarking you can more easily develop ideas to reduce costs on the technical side, while improving both, function and quality of your product. 

Intelligent use of cost benchmarking enables you not only to optimise costs and functions of a product, but will also provide you with marketing information on what the trends are.