Cost Optimisation

A survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute revealed that four out of five companies would like to cut costs. Improved competitiveness on the price level was mentioned to be the main reason for this objective. Do you also plan to lower your costs in the areas of purchasing, production or logistics? This can be achieved through …

  • Technical product modifications
  • Optimisation of value streams within your production
  • Improvement of your purchasing processes
  • Reduction of logistic cost-drivers

Apply the right strategy with technical or commercial cost optimisation efforts and your chances of success will grow from one moment to another.

It is possible to combine technical cost reduction with simultaneous quality improvement! Simplification of a system, for example, may result in a lower failure possibility and will, hence, improve quality and long-life cycle of your product.

Incidentally: You will improve your chances of success in price negotiations if you work with a clearly elaborate master plan.

Detailed analyses of your purchased parts will provide you with accurate facts and convincing bargaining tools. A product cost calculation based on full-cost accounting will show whether or not your purchase prices are overcharged.