Make or Buy

Outsourcing is a much-favoured way to reduce costs. So, why should you invest a lot of money into a product development of your own, if there exist already good solutions on the market with favourable conditions?

We would advise against an outsourcing decision, as long as it is only based on the present cost situation, because there are other criteria to be taken into consideration. You should bear in mind that it is difficult to return to a technology of your own once you have given it up.

Cost analyses in the forefront stage do pay dividend

  • Provision of important information for the decision-making process
  • Simulations and long-term projections of production factors

Accompanying market surveys will help you to outline reliable perspectives for the future:

  • Will prices from suppliers remain stable?
  • Is there a risk of high price increases due to potential suppliers’ oligopolies?
  • Will you be able to keep meeting the demanded quality standard for the future?

Analyses and market surveys are important tools to secure your long-term success in a competitive environment. The simulations will support you in taking the right decisions.