Process (Cost Analysis Process/Procedure)

Here are the six main steps of the cost analysis process:

  1. Disassembling (Teardown)
  2. Elaboration of structures for component parts and processing
  3. Price investigation (material, machinery, country-specific data)
  4. Calculation of product costs based on full-cost accounting
  5. Harmonisation of all process parameters
  6. Plausibility check of results obtained

Simulate changes in manufacturing technology, material, production site, and other parameters. This will provide you with valid resources whenever important decisions are coming up within your R&D project.

Make all relevant personnel in R&D, purchasing and decision-makers familiar with the topic of cost analysis in equal measure. This knowledge will give your team an entirely new insight into the day-to-day routine business and will help you to solve problems faster.

Our experience has shown that knowledge of cost structures and technical aspects, interlinked amongst all people involved, fosters successful R&D results!