The Cost Commander allows you to calculate product costs bottom-up in every detail (full-cost accounting based on work-centre cost). Thus, every component part can be “atomised” down to the smallest cost elements. Consequently, the Cost Commander provides you with all necessary data and arguments for further activities.

The Cost Commander enables you to calculate the costs of all manufacturing methods. From metal shaping processes, manual assembly procedures to calculation of electronic items. Everything is possible!

Due to the integration into the Microsoft Office Business Systems you will get along very quickly.

  • Clear menu navigation
  • Distinct operating buttons
  • Colour identification for improved orientation
  • Optimised arrangement without interlacing input windows

Microsoft Office Business Systems are fully integrated into the organisational structures of virtually all companies, because they offer a frictionless exchange of knowledge and data. The Cost Commander calculation software fits in perfectly here. For you, this means …

  • Easy and quick familiarisation
  • Calculation immediately comprehensible for third parties
  • No data conversion required
  • Many options for ample use, feasible on your own
  • Utilisation of a sustainable system

If you expect accurate results and successful outcomes, you should consider employing the Cost Commander for the following duties:

  • Preliminary costing and quotation costing
  • Target price calculation
  • Budgeted cost
  • Design to cost
  • Cost simulations (make or buy, lifetime forecasts, technical modifications etc.)
  • Price negotiations (Purchasing/Sales)
  • Open-book accounting

Additional information on areas of application